About Us

Far beyond just hosting bots, Square Cloud is a comprehensive platform that offers a unique and innovative experience. Our mission is to democratize hosting by providing quality and affordable services to everyone.

Our History

From the beginning until now, see how Square Cloud has grown and become what it is today.

  1. 10/17/2021

    In 2021, João Otávio brought Square Cloud to life driven by dissatisfaction with available market services. Identifying the gap for simple, secure, and free Bot hosting options, João, an experienced programmer since the age of 10, decided to create something extraordinary. Thus, Square Cloud was born, an innovative platform that arises from the determination to overcome common challenges found in frequently overlooked services in the market.

  1. 12/2/2021

    We officially launched our services with native support for JavaScript and TypeScript, along with complete integration for Python and Java. Initially, we opened with 300 slots available in our free plan, supporting bot hosting for Discord, Twitter, and Twitch.

  1. 12/17/2021

    We celebrated a significant milestone: 1,000 registered users in the first month after our launch.

  1. 12/31/2021

    Ending a year of remarkable success, we recorded a total of 1,591 registered users in 2021. During this period, we faced significant challenges, including the threat of extortion during a DDoS attack. Despite the pressures, Square maintained its integrity and refused to yield, persevering to continue offering our services to users.

  1. 1/21/2022

    We started promoting our service with significant improvements to the plans, increasing memory capacity from 2.5 GB to a notable 16 GB. Additionally, we introduced new renowned plans on our journey, such as Expert, Senior, Deluxe, Orion, and Ultimate.

  1. 4/28/2022

    We celebrated a significant milestone: 5,000 registered users on our platform.

  1. 6/10/2022

    We made a substantial improvement in our infrastructure by migrating our entire network to Hivelocity, our trusted data center partner. This change represents a qualitative leap, leveraging the excellence and reliability offered by Hivelocity to further enhance the performance and stability of our services.

  1. 9/3/2022

    We made significant modifications to our plans, promoting a notable increase in memory capacity. Now, our legacy 'Ultimate' plan offers an impressive capacity of up to 32 GB of RAM, providing an even more powerful and versatile experience to our users.

  1. 9/30/2022

    We reached the milestone of 10,000 users on the platform and hosted 1,000 free applications simultaneously, marking a significant milestone in our journey.

  1. 11/23/2022

    Ending the year with notable improvements, we launched support for Go, released support for English and Spanish languages on our platform, significantly expanding the reach of our services. Now, users worldwide can enjoy our platform in multiple languages, providing a more inclusive and accessible experience.

  1. 1/1/2023

    We experienced an extraordinary growth of 867.41% compared to the same period in the previous year, marking an impressive advancement in our journey.

  1. 2/11/2023

    We released support for Rust, a programming language that focuses on speed, security, and concurrency.

  1. 3/2/2023

    We celebrated a significant milestone: 20,000 registered users on our platform.

  1. 5/17/2023

    We released support for Elixir, a functional, concurrent, general-purpose programming language that runs on the Erlang virtual machine (BEAM).

  1. 6/2/2023

    Launch of the new control panel and website, with realtime logs, status, settings, and proprietary infrastructure and systems.

  1. 6/12/2023

    We celebrated a significant milestone: 30,000 registered users on our platform.

  1. 7/9/2023

    We launched support for PHP and significantly improved our infrastructure by incorporating new machines and implementing a more efficient line of bare-metal servers. This advancement resulted in adding over 1 TB of RAM to our total capacity, further strengthening the robustness of our platform.

  1. 7/31/2023

    We released free integration with GitHub for all our plans, highlighting not only accessibility but also the remarkable speed of this integration, enabling realtime updates, often in just 2 seconds.

  1. 8/21/2023

    Inauguration of Square Cloud headquarters in Goiânia, Brazil. A milestone for the company and the local technology community. As part of this growth, we carried out an extraordinary expansion in our plans at Square, now offering memory capacity up to 256 GB. We are committed to providing even more robust and innovative services to our users.

  1. 8/28/2023

    Subsequently, our entire infrastructure in Tampa, FL, proved capable and resilient during the passage of Hurricane Idalia, without registering any damage or instability in its operation, demonstrating again the reliability of our infrastructure.

  1. 8/31/2023

    We heavily invested in our new realtime support system, forming support teams through WhatsApp, Telegram, and on our website, providing our users with a more agile, secure, and efficient service.

  1. 10/19/2023

    We celebrated a significant milestone: 40,000 registered users on our platform.

  1. 12/19/2023

    We made a significant investment of +20,000 dollars in expanding our infrastructure, acquiring new state-of-the-art servers, implementing an innovative network management system, and strengthening our security protocols. Our ambitious goal is to reach the remarkable milestone of 6 TB of RAM, providing a solid foundation to support continuous growth and excellence in performance on our platform.

  1. 7/13/2024

    Currently, Square hosts a community of +60.000 users on our platform. We have expanded our presence throughout Latin America, covering countries such as Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina, as well as other regions, including Mexico, the United States, Portugal, Spain, France, China, Italy, and the United Kingdom.