Best Insights

Track the performance of your projects in real time with detailed and accurate statistics on traffic, visitors, and much more.*Included for free starting from the Standard plan, if the application has a configured custom domain.
Easy to Use
Effortless and budget-friendly, our solution offers a straightforward and intuitive interface. Experience simplicity without hidden costs.
Privacy First
Data collected with your privacy respected. Traffic is routed through your own domain by Square Cloud's Edge. Adblockers won't notice.
Know What Works Best
See your top sources and highlighted clicks! Track traffic referrals, such as social networks, search engines, marketing campaigns, and more.

Built for modern websites

Square Cloud Analytics is a free solution that provides detailed and accurate statistics on traffic, visitors, and much more. It is designed to be easy to use, privacy-first, and to help you understand what works best for your website.

How to Use?

Start collecting traffic data in your Square Cloud deployments. Get insights in minutes.

  1. Access the control panel.
  2. Select your project.
  3. Select the Analytics tab.
  4. Track your project's performance in real time.